It’s Finished!

October 15, 2010

It took me a long time to make it work, and I’m still not sure it couldn’t be improved (but it would have to be done by an artist better than me!).

There were 290 total comments… and picked …

#22, who is… Penney K.!

(And I promise it really did pick #22 out of 290… saved me lots of counting! Thanks, random!)

Collaborative Drawing… the Finish (almost)

October 11, 2010

You can imagine the Squeen’s squeal of delight when “seaweed” was picked for the last element… yippee!

But… you can also imagine the groan of disbelief when she realized that ALL of her art supplies were in her car, and the car was not nearby. So… please accept the above seaweed inclusion as a “sketch,” and seaweed will be worked in more completely a little later.

Which brings me to another plea: My mother is in town, and I forgot about that when I said she would finish this up on the 11th. If it’s okay with you all, I’m going to take a few extra days to finish this properly. I hope to post the real finish on Wednesday, and I’ll pick the random winner after that. Thank you!

2.24 • Collaborative Drawing: Last Round!

October 8, 2010

The winner for Round 4 was Sherrie Roberts, with the suggestion of “RA.” Now, the Squeen didn’t know what that was. She TRIED to get Sherrie to tell her, but Sherrie must have been too busy! So…. the Squeen took things into her own hands. “RA” obviously was short for “Red Ants,” which were added with a red ballpoint pen.

Okay! Last round! Make your suggestions here — ONE word only! The winner will be picked Saturday evening.

UPDATE: The winning word was from Sarah L. — “seaweed”.

2.22 • Collaborative Drawing: Round 4

October 5, 2010

“Buddha” was the prompt on Round 3 (suggested by Elise B.), and at first (as with all of the prompts so far) I panicked. How the heck?

But then I calmed down.

I went for a walk to the Seattle Public Library and happened upon a book with buddha imagery, and found a little woodcut I particularly liked, which was repeated over and over. I thought I would photocopy it, but then realized (a) I didn’t have a dime, and (b) I’m a drawing teacher for crying out loud, why not DRAW it?

The images you see are transfers of the drawing made in the library (I rubbed charcoal on the back of the original drawing, and turned it charcoal-side-down onto my artwork, then traced the image with a pencil. The charcoal on the back was transferred onto my artwork.)

The yellow cast you see is from the glossy spray fixative, which I sprayed only over the buddhas with a stencil.

Time for Round 4! Remember, ONE WORD ONLY!! (I’ll pick the winner on Thursday around noon (10/7).

Thursday noon UPDATE: The winner was #3, Sherrie Roberts, with “RA.” The Squeen does not know what this is. Sherrie?!!

2.20 • Collaborative Drawing Round 3

October 4, 2010

The Round Two winning suggestion was “stitch.” I decided to add a small bird, and actually use needle and thread to stitch the line. Then I realized that all my sewing stuff is at home, and I was not home. And the scanner was at work, and I didn’t have time to go back and forth! So I poked the holes into the paper to mimic the look of a “stitch.”

Round Three begins now, and I’ll pick the next element to be incorporated on Tuesday, around noon. Remember, make your suggestions here using ONE WORD ONLY!!

Tuesday UPDATE: The winner is #18, Elise B., with “buddha.” (The Squeen is hereby challenged… again!)

2.17 • Collaboration Suggestions Round 2

October 1, 2010

I couldn’t resist sharing on my regular blog about having to incorporate INTESTINES!!

Here’s a detail:

Round Two is upon us. Leave your suggestion — ONE WORD ONLY  — in the comments on THIS POST and I’ll pick the next element on Saturday around noon. Thanks!

UPDATE: Saturday… the winner is #9, “stitch,” suggested by nuvofelt! I’ll work it into the composition and Round 3 will be on Monday!

2.14 • First Day for Your Suggestions!

September 28, 2010

This is the piece, barely started. Please leave your suggestion for the next element using ONE WORD ONLY. The winner will be picked first thing Thursday morning!

Wednesday a.m. UPDATE: This will be a two-parter, because the Squeen is going silly! The first winner is Tisha, with “newspaper.” (Send me your address and I’ll send out your prize, Tisha!)

ROUND TWO: Another winner will be picked first thing THURSDAY morning.

Thursday morning UPDATE: No. NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! This morning’s randomly picked winner is creativitytothemax = “intestines.”


2.11-12 • Explain this, please!!

September 25, 2010

2.10 • Color and Shading Tips

September 24, 2010

Here’s another step-by-step to show you the layering process I do for just about everything (multiple, transparent layers of color). In this case I used watercolors and pencil and I printed out the worksheet on white card stock (the kind you get at any office supply store).

1. First I colored in my 16 shapes with transparent watercolor washes of yellow, blue and magenta. I used a #12 round watercolor brush. The paint was watered down A LOT so that the colors were kind of “pastelly.”

2. Once the first layer of watercolor was dry (this is very important!), I added a second layer of watercolor over all the colored parts. I used a watered-down brown for the second layer.

3. Here it is with the second layer (brown) applied. Even though it looks so much darker than the first image, the brown layer was very light. It’s the combination of the two colors that make it darker.

4. Once the second layer of watercolor was dry (again, completely dry!), I added shading in the “corners” with a mechanical pencil:

a. Scribble a dark mass of pencil in the deepest part of the corner.

b. Now fan it out with a lighter touch.

c. Finally, take your index finger and smudge it. Really rub it in!

5. In this scan the top half has the shading and the bottom half doesn’t (to better illustrate the effect).

6. And here it is with shading in all the corners.

2.7 • Definitions of “Silly”

September 21, 2010

Here was another definition from the Urban Dictionary:

Silly. To be Silly.


Now… yours!


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